Thursday, June 17, 2010

5 Human's Ego

I'm not an acting or performing person, but the chance to join a three days workshop with namely famous acting coach like Margie Haber is really thrill me. So here come Paru, my new account executive for Hers Magazine. He was persuaded me to join this class or I must say to cover this event, and having interview with Margie herself. FYI, she is the number one acting coach on Hollywood, have been teaching acting for like 20 more than years of her life. She also making Brad Pitt from zero to superstar as well as Halle Berry.

So there I go on the night before the event, sitting on a bar chair in hotel's pastry lounge waiting my chance to chit-chat with Margie. I was like cannot control my nerves, I just can't believe I'll talk with the one who teach Brad Pitt Acting! To make it short, I'm having like 45 minutes chit-chat, talking about her career, my career, the relationship between those acting-technique and the basic communication. Then my conclusion is this person is totally charming.

On the first day, I was like really exiting. Having my best friend Upeh accompany me and making new friends with the other participant it makes me feel exited. Mostly the one who joined this workshop is genuine Indonesian artist, famous movie star, famous writer, famous singer, famous radio announcer (well, these guy is actually on my side, THE MEDIA PEOPLE) and others who has a great passion on acting.

Me and Upeh was like, sitting there, analyzing the situation, making friend and so on. For me is a good opportunity to learning the other way of communication. Then Margie told us about this 5 human's ego. This ego or we must a voice inside our brain, is very natural. Everyone has it. The problem is sometimes we do not understand our ego.

Here the 5 human's ego:
1. Critical Parents
You hated when your parents worries about you all the time. You hate being treated as a baby? Well, your parents play a critical voice. Always worries all the time.

2. Nurturing Parents
Your parents worry about you but they give you a chance and put a trust on you. They let you do extreme sport, but they also tell you what they feel I you hang on that robe doing bungee jumping from 50 meter building. So that what we call it as a nurturing voice

3. Fearful Child
Doesn't has any guts to do anything. Always worries about what people think about you. That is fearful child!

4. Playful Child
Likes to do anything without thinking. Never worries about what people says about you. Feel confidence anytime anywhere you go.

5. Adult Voice
Has an equal size of fearful and playful.

Where am I? I have the fearful child equal to playful. I think what I need to improve is the adult voice and the nurturing parents to make it balance.

So what are you?