Saturday, November 30, 2013

Singaporean Kopi with Milk

I had a crush on coffee. I had a crush with them since I was like hmmm...well, 8 years old.
Blame my mother for my addiction to those black-bitter-heavenly drink, hehe

I was so into it "the real" coffee, not the one that we could by in any mini market. Yeah, I like "serious" coffee rather than the 1 minutes instant white coffee. Now I fell in love with singaporean signature coffee style. It is not so fancy like Indonesian coffee (like for example the Bolang Mongondow-North Sulawesi coffee or Balinese coffee or even the Papua coffee), but still the way they served it really makes me happy.

I usually ordered the Kopi with Milk. Nothing sophisticated, its just freshly grind robusta, more "tasty" than the western (or I should say the ordinary Starbucks-taste-like-coffee). People in western, as like my fellow lecturer told me, likes arabic type very much. Its more "light", less caffeine than this robusta one.

So then, Kopi with Milk become my fave because of :
1. It tasted like "real" coffee. I mean it still use sugar and condensced milk, but still I feel it strong.
2. I like to see how the barista made it. And likes the smell of the coffee brew hmmmmm
3. I like to drink it in gloomy day. Its just so right drinking this Kopi with Milk in such weather hehe

This picture taken in Jakarta. I was surprised I found some simple singaporean style coffee here. Its really a nice place, they served signature singaporean food, and its yummy :)

Have a wonderful sunday, people :)