Sunday, March 23, 2014

The One That Gone Away

It was one hot night at Jakarta. I was just nearly arrive at some meeting spot to see my fellow academicus when my boyfriend told me this bad news.

His motorcycle was stolen that afternoon! I was like...WHAT?! ARE YOU OKAY, LOVE? WHY! HOW! Then when he told me he was okay, I suddenly feel more comfortable. Well, in Indonesia you should take those robbery-news seriously today. Why? I've seen so many many bad news in media, warning us, the citizen, about how cruel those thief this days to their victim these days.

Anyway, my boyfriend was safe and sound. It's just his motorcycle was gone. He was cool, I was not so cool. For me his motorcycle is one of our love artefacs. We share some funny memory with that bike. 

Its just such a pitty it has gone. Well hey, the thing is I had my boyfriend in okay-situation. It's priceless :) 

"The one that gone away", we will remember you at our memory