Monday, February 15, 2010

The TMI Generation

I JUST WONDER what should I call my peers? I mean people in my ages, which actually being confused with this situation. Well, as I was born in 1987, so I could assume that am stuck in this things: MTV and Facebook era.

They who was born in the late 70's until early 90's was probably stated as MTV generation (including myself). But then again, the technology has develop rapidly and changes everything. So now we tweets, we share (or overshare?) anything in our facebook wall, we become idol wanna-be in myspace and youtube, and we become a CITIZEN Journalist (or melodrama-lunatic fools like I am, who likes to post my "briliant" thought) by blogging and so on.

Last night I read Glamour British february issue, and found this interesting article, titled "Attack of the Oversharers". The articles mostly shares about how facebook and twitter has changes people (I mean, people not to mention those international celebrities). How fb and twitter could make someone becoming oversharers, telling the world anything important and not-important-things for example, your sex-life, what you do when you drunk and so on.

"So what's the big deal? If you are not interesting, just unfollow them or remove them from a friend list!",
a voice far away in my deepest dark-heart cynically says that.

That sentence coincidentally appear after I read this:

"My friend Lou,20, split from her boyfriend Jhon,32, last November. The break-up had been though-he'd cheated - but she'd finally moved on to a shiny, new boyfriend. But even the shiny, new boyfriend couldn't take the sting out of the, "Hey, I'm getting married" post from Jhon that appeared on her Facebook wall three weeks ago. Lou was heartbroken. Jhon thought revealing his big newsto her in public, along with more than 400 friends, was perfectly fine".

HAH! See? So the boy is still not mature enough to deal with others, and the girl was a victim, poor girl.

So, should I say the I'm also part of the TMI* generation??? Unfortunately, the answer is PERHAPS

*TMI: Too Much Information

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hasil Tes Psikologi Iseng-iseng

Beberapa hari yang lalu saya ikut kuis psikologi dari sebuah web yang hasilnya menurut saya cukup valid hehehe… Saya dikatakan memiliki karakteristik yang disebut sebagai Grounded Thinker. Mirip-mirip dengan pribadi Capricorn sang kambing gunung.
Berikut adalah hasil dari sisi percintaan Grounded Thinker:

“Your hesitation in matters of love is rooted in your pronounced inner autonomy, among other things. You enjoy having a partner with whom you can have fun in your life, but it does not occur to you to make that interdependent with your satisfaction and happiness”.

----- Ini sangat benar! Menurut saya ketika Anda bersama seseorang Anda haruslah merasa bahagia, jika sebaliknya? Lupakan saja dia, ahahaha. Interdependent (rasa ketergantungan) terus terang sering membuat saya mendadak ill feel dan menjadikan saya “gerah”. Wajah tampan tidak dapat menipu saya! No mister, get back!

“You don’t have to rely on a relationship in order to feel good. Your large circle of friends, and many interests, occupy you and keep boredom and loneliness from emerging”.

----- Benar! Karena saya punya banyak teman-teman dan keluarga yang sangat berharga dalam hidup saya. Seperti lyric SPICE GIRL – Wannabe: ”If you wannabe my lover, gotta get with my friend. Taking is too easy but that’s the way it is”.

“Once you have decided on a partner, it is very important for you to preserve your space within your relationship, as well”.

----Ya, karena saya juga punya kehidupan jauh sebelumnya dan kehidupan saya tidak dapat saya lewatkan begitu saja. Begitu juga sebaliknya, bukan?

“You enjoy doing things with your partner, but it is not important to you that he/she shares all of your interests or has exactly the same hobbies”.

---- Anyway, saya senang mencoba hal-hal yang baru. Sangat cool untuk saya untuk mencoba hal yang tidak pernah saya pikirkan sebelumnya. Dan saya memang butuh orang yang bisa berbagi peran dengan saya, dalam hal apapun :D.

“You must have time to yourself anyway, so you can concentrate on your activities without having the feeling someone is looking over your shoulder”.

---- As I said before, saya sudah punya kehidupan jauh sebelum saya bertemu dengan siapa pun Anda. Mohon pengertiannya. Saya cukup mandiri untuk mengurus diri saya, dan saya mengharapkan hal yang sama sebaliknya(vice versa) :D

“Therefore, you need a very self- confident and independent person as a partner who can also occupy him/herself on his/her own without turning into Velcro - that would get old very quickly!”.

----- CRING CRING CRING! Saya bak mendapat hadiah dari mesin judi di kasino paling mewah di Las Vegas. Saya tidak percaya ini sampai saya mengalami sendiri, hahahaha. Dan yah, semua nasihat keluarga serta sahabat-sahabat itu memang damn right! I love you too guys, thank’s for the advice! Lain kali saya akan, hihihi.